Low Voltage / SA Dimmers



Quick Question:

Does anyone know how well the Simply Automated UPB Dimmers, US1140, 240, etc able to dim low voltage lighting systems:

A: Electronic Low Voltage (Specifically TechLighting Brand)
B: Magnetic Low Voltage (Magnetic Core Transformers, Specifically TechLighting Brand)

I currently use "standard" Lutron dimmers for the TechLighting Electronic Low Voltage and they work well. I use a standard Lutron "magnetic transformer" dimmer for the Magnetic Low Voltage. It works well. (Sorry I don't have the Lutron dimmer part numbers)

If the SA parts are not ideal, what UPB dimmers will work correctly with these types of lights.

Thanks in advance,
They are set up to dim either. With that said, the 600w load also degrades when installed next to another dimmer, so be aware of that.

Also I feel I need to mention that in my experience, some electronic transformers can cause interference on the line so it's possible to put a choke b/w somewhere.

I hope that answers some of your questions.