M1G/EZ8 base system


I built a house last year and pre-wired for about everything. I am now beginning to put together a HA and Security base for future expansion.

I am highly considering one of the Elk Security products for the base of my Security and Future home automation system, but I need to understand what is required (ie price) to accomplish my goals.

My current goals

* Security System
- 12 zones minimum
- Insteon or X10 lights for security & HA
- 4 wireless zones (future)
- Probably would like voice in future (rules out EZ8)

* HVAC integration
- 3 Aprilaire 8870 communicating TStats
- 1 Aprilaire remote temperature/humidity sensor (future)
- 3 remote temperature sensors (future)

* Home network integration (PC and in same closet, used for security cameras and Homeseer)
- Want to see status of each zone on my office PC in real time
- Want to be able to trend temperatures from all Temperature sensors in 8870s, temp/humidity, remote temperature, Elk built in sensors on PC
- Want to see status of all X10 or Insteon lights
- Want to see log of zone activity on PC

I would really appreciate if someone could put together a hardware list to accomplish my current goals.

With the exception of voice or any telephone remote control, the EZ8 will do the job. You will have to add a M1XIN input expander to the EZ8. You might squeek by without one on the M1.

With the new toys coming out, I am sure your list will grow.
Does this mean I would not have to add any expansion modules to the EZ8 or M1G to handle my Aprilaire TStats and remote temperature sensors? Or add any modules to connect to my local PC via a serial connection?
Thermostats will require at least one serial expander to either product. Check the elk docs to see if yours need just one or more than one. Temperature probes are an add-on, but they don't connect to the bus, they are homerun to zones 1-16 on the main board. Insteon would require another serial expander.
Wouldnt it look like (I got an Elk recently myself so have gone through some similar reviews. I'm still in the progress of setting mine up...) :

1 Controller (Elk M1G, EZ8, etc [ I bought the M1G)

You will need 18 guage or better 2 conductor wire to connect the power adapter to the console.

X10 Lighting control:
Included, but you will need a PSC05 (for 2-way) or PSC04 (for 1 way)
In addition you will need to make a RJ11 cable using 4 conductor wire (or buy the equivalent)

Connecting Keypads and such:
Not required, but easier to use a databus expander to connect via RJ45 at a single point. ELK-M1DBH

Temperature Sensors ELK-M1ZTS x number you want (not I dont think these do humidity)

Wireless Expansion: Caddx NX-408E (8 zones of wireless)
Wireless sensors: (You need to figure out what kind you want to use)

Connecting to a computer for programming:
If you have a serial cable already, you are set. If not you need to buy a serial cable or USB to serial ELK-USB32

Connecting to a computer remotely
You may be referring to making the Elk network accessible, which would add:

Thermostat connections: M1XSP (although from Spanky's response, perhaps I'm missing something)

Insteon is not currently supported. I would guess that would add another M1XSP when it is.

and of course Homeseer, and any other software.

I need a lot of similar items and this is how I understand it so far.
According to the Elk docs, it looks like the M1G with an M1XSP can handle up to 16 Aprilaire 8870 TStats, but can an EZ8 and a M1EZ8MSI also handle 16 Aprilaire 8870s? This would be a less expensive solution and very attractive to me. :D I believe I could be very happy with the EZ8.

Also - thank you very much for all the responses so far.
Ez8 can handle the same thermostat configurations as the M1 Gold. The Aprilaire thermostats are nice. They require an Aprilaire data bus converted module that goes between the M1XSP and the thermostats. You can get a humidity module for the Aprilaire thermostats.

We have Insteon working in our lab. It will be another jumper setting on a future software upgrade of the M1XSP which you can download from our website to upgrade any units in the field.
We have Insteon working in our lab. It will be another jumper setting on a future software upgrade of the M1XSP which you can download from our website to upgrade any units in the field.

Great news! Any guesstimate when that sw will be available?

Do you mean that the M1EZ8MSI can not handle Aprilaire Thermostats, and that a M1XSP would be required with either the M1G or the EZ8.
For anyone interested in my last question, the M1EZ8MSI does not handle Aprilaire 8870 Thermostats. A M1XSP is required.
I am pretty sure you need a M1XSP with both the M1G and M1EZ8, since the serial port which comes with the M1G is used for programming.