Master Code for Caddx Ranger 8600


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I am new to this forum and I am amazed by all the useful information posted here. This is a great site!

I have a Caddx Ranger 8600 installed in my house by the previous owner. It was initially disarmed but once I was checking it out and accidentally armed it - I do not know any of the codes and couldn't figure out what code I entered that made it arm. All but one zones were bypassed before the system was armed. I can ofcourse power it down so that it doesn't stay in the armed status and/or disconnect the siren to prevent false alarms but I would like to be able to use the system.

I am trying to find the Master code so that I can disarm the system. I do not have the 8950 programmer that can be used. Even if I did, can it be used when the system is armed?

Is there any way to find out what the Master code is? I believe the first digit is 7 since it used to turn on the chime feature when the system was not armed. That is all I have.

Can one use the DL-900 to find the data in the memory locations (000 to 003) where the Master code is stored? If yes, I went to the GE website where I could download the software but I believe that they have posted only the most recent versions. Are these compatible with the ranger 8600?

Now this is a long shot but I will try- What kind of output does the male pin where the 8950 is plugged in gives? Is there anyway one can use a multimeter to see the output and that way figure out the data in the memory locations?

My house is pre-wired for everything one could possibly need for home-security and so I don't really need any wireless capability and so the current system pretty much meets my requirements. I was therefore hoping I could use the current system without having to spend a few hundred bucks. (A keyfob would be nice though, but not necessary)

Any ideas?
Thanks for the replies.

I tried the site several times but it is so slow that the browser times out.
Also, the install manual has a default code in it but that has been changed and so doesn't work.

I think I will have to give in and get a new system. I am leaning towards the Ademco Vista 20p for expandability and because it allows some automation. My main concern is security and I want to do some home automation as part of that. (I want to be able to turn lights on and off at a pre-programmed schedule when I am out of town and also at random times by using a touch-tone phone while I am away)
I am not much familiar with the ELK systems. How do they compare with the Ademco given the kind of features I want?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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