Max # of Motion Detectors with M1

Captain Caveman

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If I wanted, could I put up to 16 motion detectors on the Elk M1? Will powering 16 motions from the M1 pose any issues?

What are others doing in large homes with many motion detectors?
Yes, you can add as many motion detectors as you want, up to 208. To determine the power supply issue you will have to add up the power demands of the devices and compare that to the M1's ratings. You can always add an auxiliary power supply if needed. What motion detector and how much power does it draw?
WayneW said:
... What motion detector and how much power does it draw?
I don't have any picked out at the moment, but was inquiring as I was going to suggest it to a client building 6000sf home.

The goal is to keep it discreet as possible, and mainly to be used for triggering automation events.
Motion detectors are very low current, so you should have no problem with 16. Check the motion detectors current specifications.

Do not use wireless motion detectors if you are using them for automation. They only transmit about once every 5 minutes to save the battery.

I am rewiring my Elk panel and moving it to a bigger can.

Where is the best place to get the power for the motion detectors??