Motion Detectors


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Are there any wireless motion detectors that are not X10 or that i do not have to wire to my house wiring(battery operated) that are reliable and will interface with HomeSeer. I guess x10 products would be ok but i want something reliable and wirelss.
I've heard that the x10 security wireless motion sensors are better than the automation ones. They certainly cost more ;). I don't have any so I haven't verified this.

The RF signal can not be read by the normal x10 RF transceivers. You need to use something like the W800RF32A and appropriate software (like the HS plugin). This receiver works well with the DS10A door/window sensors.
What do i need to interface Napco sensorswith homeseer? I am trying to stay cheep and easy here.
Napco does sell an X10 interface for HA purposes. but if you are looking for inexpensive I'm not sure that's going to work for you.
If I remember right, the Napco wireless talk to a Napco wireless receiver, which is wired to the Napco Gemini 9600 panel.
The X10 module also is wired to the Napco Panel. BTW, if anyone wants one of these X10 modules, I have one to sell cheap.
But, I don't think that will allow you to use the Napco wireless motion detectors.