Multi Conductor Cable and Ocelot Button Keypads


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I am planning on using a SECU-16i connected to some buttons to trigger actions in the Ocelot. I already have the buttons, and am going to get a power supply for the SECU-16i from RadioShack today/tomorrow.

The buttons will be used to control the theater equipment by having the Ocelot send IR commands based on button presses. I currently have two keypad locations (one in the front of the room and one in the back). To plan for the future, I was going to try to wire for all 16 buttons at each location. When the wires from both keypads reach the SECU-16i, I was going to twist the wires that do the same thing (I.E. Twist the wire going to button 1 on keypad 1 and the wire going to button 1 on keypad 2 together) and then connecting it to the SECU-16i.

I was planning on using Cat5 to carry the signal, but that would require 4 runs to each keypad, I think, which seems like a lot of cable.

Is this the best way to wire for the keypads? Or is there a different tactic I should try?
Use 2 16i modules. One behind each keypad. Then you just need one cat5 run to daisy chain the ocelot to 16i #1 and then to 16i #2. At around $80 an extra 16i is cheaper than an extra box of cat5.