Multizone audio receiver or matrix with IP/RS232 control

Thanks for explaining. I see a lot of ads for external DACs - would you want them integrated, or is DAC quality an issue?

Sources that I use in my surround sound rooms (living room, and soon the basement) have their own separate surround-sound receivers that drive the surround sound systems in those rooms. I split the digital outputs to go to both the surround sound systems and my multizone system. Many people certainly use external DACs with their surround sound systems, but I don't care that much and frankly don't have the other complimentary equipment to justify it.

That said, I would be using the Zektor to feed my in-ceiling speakers in my multizone system, which are all 2-channel and spread throughout the house. Although sound quality is important and they sound good, the in-ceiling speakers are far from audiophile-grade. So, there's no reason to go overboard on the DAC for the downmixing for those speakers, in my opinion. For reference, my current external DAC is this: decoder - I'm sure the Zektor would best it, if only the Zektor did 2-channel downmixing like this one does.

Does that make sense?
Yes, it makes sense.

Will you be sharing speakers in your video zones? Would you run line-level to the receiver, or use a current sensing switch?