Need a universal remote


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What Universal Remote do you guys use? I need a remote that I can program one button and have all of my "equipment" to come on. I was going to use my Ocelot but I'm just not in the mood to use it and would rather just use a remote.
I have a RS15-2117, which supports the JP1 programming language (allows you to program it using a serial cable, add support for stuff that the remote normally doesn't support). I paid $30, came with an IR->RF repeater system as well. Not sure if you can find them at RS, since they have been discontinued. If you have Z-wave, you might want to consider the new Harmony remotes (or even if you don't have Z-wave, still take a look at them, they are pretty nice!)
I use an MX-850 with the MRF300 base station. It's pretty expensive ($400 for remote, $200 for base station), but I couldn't get anything cheaper as I have all my equipment in a remote room and I needed rock-solid remote capability via RF si U can use it in any room of the house. It's also easily programmable via your PC via a very simple UI.
I use a Harmony 880. The z-wave/rf ones were announced a little while back but I have not seen them yet. Those put the price up a bit..
Harmony 890 Pro and 895 advanced. I haven't seen them for sale yet either, but I believe they were saying January 2006? Don't remember for sure.
Wow these 890 and 890 pro models are a lot more expensive. Approaching nearly $400. I never use my Z-Wave remote anyway.
I am extremely happy with my $30 remote ;) If all you want to do is turn on all equipment, you could just use a big red button, and stick it underneath the coffee table (assuming you already have the codes in the Ocelot).
I have an Harmony (659?). Its super simple to use and raised the Home Theater WAF, since now one button configures everything depending on the desired activity. Another button turns some devices off, turns other on and changes the settings of the other. It keeps track of the status of every device.

The idea of the Z-Wave addition seems cool but the list price is ridiculously expensive.
Do you have a W800? and a Palm Remote?
Either the Homeseer W800 plugin or Cinemar's new W800 plugin (we know you have a copy of Mainlobby / MLServer ;) ) would make a great way to control your system wirelessly.