Need help understanding zone 16 and 2 wire smokes


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I should have made my question a little clearer. What is the difference between configuring a heat sensor as a fire alarm and configuring it as a heat alarm? Does the Elk panel respond differently to fire and heat alarms?
That's what I thought you meant. That's why I responded the way I did. Assuming you are using Contact ID, the M1 sends out a predetermined code based on your zone configuration. For example, a CID 134 is a Burglary Entry/Exit 1, a CID 110 is a fire alarm, etc. The M1 also sends out your account ID and the zone. You have to tell the CS what to do with the codes it receives. You could tell the CS to dispatch the fire department immediately when it receives a fire alarm but only notify you when it receives a heat alarm. Make any sense?