New Insteon/Icon products now available!


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EDIT: Nevermind... apparently these aren't new. ;)

New products now available at

Icon ApplianceLinc $19.99
Icon LampLinc $19.99 (Note that this is a 2-pin only module)
Insteon SwitchLinc Timer V2 $49.99
not too new, I've had some of these installed for a few weeks now ;) Actually bought, returned and received a replacement already on a V2 timer.
Really? Opps. I've been watching the Insteon pages at Smarthome and never noticed them before. I know they must have just put the "NEW" graphic next to them, because that was definitely not there before.
Part of the issue is SH orders the items based on popularity by default. So the order can change from week to week. So an item may look to be new since it is in a new location on the pages.