New Insteon Wireless Receiver


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Is anybody using THIS new Insteon wireless receiver yet? I'm not familiar with the DakotaAlert stuff so I'm not sure what options this opens up.
I haven't used it yet, but I didn talk to this guy at CES. He was in the South Hall, upstairs. It sounds cool and is a simple setup. I plan on ordering one soon.

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I have the Dakota Alert wireless driveway probe, wireless outdoor PIR and their wireless Universal transmitter (with dry contact input I use for the mag. contact on my driveway gate). I like their products although it took me awhile to get the driveway probe's sensitivity adjusted just right to prevent false trips.

The advertised range is 3000' with their own receiver but the greatest distance I use is about 230' from driveway gate to their receiver in my equip. room. The receiver's relays (4 channel) are connected to my Elk M1 zones.

Their receiver has an exposed adjustable rod antenna so the built-in one on the EZSnsRF has to be less range. Dakota Alert also makes a wireless rubber hose (old gas station type) sensor, a wireless indoor PIR and a wireless hand-held receiver alert to wear on your belt. A "fake bird house" cover for their transmitters is offered as an accessory.

If you use their wireless sensors and an alarm panel you obviously would be better off using their receiver with the relays directly connected to your panel zones. But I can see where the EZSnsRF would be nice for someone not using an alarm panel and wanted a light(s) to come on using a wireless sensor trip.

Although I can't see a use for me for the EZSnsRF, I'm glad to see this 3rd party activity with new Insteon devices (heaven knows SmartHome doesn't seem capable of doing the same).

P.S. DakotaAlert always has a booth at EHX in Orlando and should be there next month...