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Next Alarm email messages


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I submitted a case on Next Alarm's site, but thought others here might be interested:

This line appears in the log:

Dec 03, 2006 05:34:08 PM Authorized Disarm Giuseppe

I received this email, however, for the same event:

"We have received an event from your alarm system. Please log in to our customer portal to review the event."

Why the generic message? Why not a more specific message, like I receive at other times, e.g. "Authorized Disarm by Giuseppe"


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Does it ever work on disarm, and was this a one-time thing? I usually get the latter detailed message you posted.


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IVB said:
Does it ever work on disarm, and was this a one-time thing? I usually get the latter detailed message you posted.
Yes, I usually get detailed messages, like the one quoted at the bottom of my original post, or like this:

Hilltop House
Authorized Arm by No User

But sometimes, not just once, I get these generic ones.

I guess I don't understand that since the web based log always shows the details, it looks like a bug in the email notification system at NextAlarm.


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Nope, this is just user error :)

I setup the account using their new free email only option to test the communication with the M1, with the intent of upgrading to fully monitored with dispatch after gaining some experience with it.

If you go with the free plan, they only allow 3 detailed emails per day, then you get the generic messages.

Three full notifications per day, with an unlimited number of simplified notifications


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Thanks, I would have never seen this generic message. All of my NextAlarm accounts are fully monitored with dispatch.



That's correct; with the free service, the first three e-mails every day are exactly the same as the ones you'll see if you have NetAlarm or full dispatch monitoring. After that, they just notify you that there was an event. You can always log into your account and check the online log to see exactly what happened.

Hope that clears things up.