No Internet - Want to Remotely Flip Switch

The CM11A and the TW523 are two totally different X10 PIMs.
I utilize both for automation and the TW523 XTB Volp dual phase emulator for my OmniPro panel.
Thinking that the CM11A uses RS232 while the TW523 is TTL.
From a post here on Cocoontech.
the CM11A is a serial (RS-232) device, while a TW-523 is a TTL-logic level device that uses direct hardware timing, and has no relation to anything resembling a serial data stream, baud rate, or other protocol. It outputs a two level square wave indicating the zero crossing of the power line, and the other two signals indicate (or enable) a signal to control a burst of 120 kHz signal on the power line.
What, no love for CP290 units?  Heh. 
I wonder, has anyone made an emulator to allow bridging from something that depended on one of those interfaces to something more modern?  As in, connect it to a Raspberry Pi and then use that to bridge to another kind of lighting.  Given how cheap a Pi is it might be worth trying.   Catch the X-10 commands and retransmit to another kind of setup?
I hate you guys, dredging back up X-10 nonsense...   :nono:
For free you can install HomeGenie on a RPi2 (I have done this) and connect it to Z-Wave and X10 serial (AKA CM11A) redirecting one to the other if you want. 
I am doing X10 today on the Homeseer 3 RPi2 remotely here with one RPi2 next to and connected to a CM11A and sending the transport to the Homeseer 3.  Works fine.
I have not seen software for the RPi2 to talk to a TW-523 yet.  That said you can do it with an Arduino today.
The Youtube video DOES use PL513.  I assumed that the device needed for the PowerMax Plus in the video would be the same as what is needed for MY PowerMax Pro.  Do y'all think this is correct?
The updated PL513/PSC05 device is a TW-523. 
Amazon has a PSC05/TW-523 for $60 here.
I used to use one of these for my Leviton Omni Pro 2 combo panel then updated initially to Volp's XTB amplifier and then later to the XTB-IIR.
Better yet (sure bet signal) is Jeff's
XTB-523 X10 TW523/PSC05 Emulator
and a dual phase (which is what I use here)
XTB-IIR TW523/PSC05 High-Power 2-Phase Repeater
All of the above depends on your stuff and whether you can fit an X10 module on your alarm panel and my historicals of using X10 since 1978 or so. 
Some sort of SMS gateway to APRS to a PI/Arduino connected PowerTail would do it. If there are such things :)
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hmm, here's perhaps both sides:
that's an Arduino shield for setting up a packet network. There have got to be more of those. note: no SMS gateway, but I figgure you would have a glowing button on the transmitter.
Ok then you will need to have a switch...
I've used these in projects:
which is an opto isolated relay, essentially, but in a nice form factor.
one would have to cook up AuthN/Z of course; I think the relaying of the packets my cause some replay? probably just a counter would take care of that.
someone who actually knows about armature radio and packet networks should be able to clarify.
If your alarm system has spare input, you could program it to trigger alarm when you need to heat up things, then when your automated de-ice job done, alarm system could also let you know that condition is okay.  You can also program the alarm by arming and disarming in certain sequences to enable de-ice job.