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Omnipro and UPB links

I have recently noticed a new problem with my Omnipro II detecting UPB links triggered by UPB switches.
I have several UPB switches that activate or deactivate UPB links which are (used to be) detected by my Omnipro. Some of them I use as timers, having the UPB link trigger a flag in the Omnipro that turns off after a specified period of time. When the flag turns off it triggers a block turning off the link. In some cases I also have the link turning on a button on a room controller, synchrnizing the room controller button with the UPB switch. These were all working earlier this year, I have made no changes that I can find, but they have all quit working.
Everything else seems to be working OK. All the code and the configuration in UpStart seems OK. I haven't made any changes to anything, as I have been working on other projects.
Has anyone seen this before?