Outdoor LED security/flood lights mounted under eaves


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I've been searching the web for security/flood lights that meet these requirements...

1. LED.
2. Maybe 20 to 40 watts (not sure about this).
3. Rectangular in shape, up to about 8" wide and 6" tall. The smaller the better, as long as they put out enough light.
4. Wide beam.
5. No motion detection or dusk/dawn stuff (unless it can be disabled).
6. Most importantly, able to be mounted under the eaves, i.e., mounted to the soffit.

Last time I looked for these (maybe 15 years ago), LED's hadn't taken over the market, and there were a lot of these that used halogen bulbs. Cheap ones at HD were maybe $15.

My searches haven't come up with anything that can be soffit mounted. Seems that all of the lights have a shroud, and the light's knuckle mount comes out of the bottom (opposite side from the shroud).

I don't like the looks of the "bullet" shaped floods, so trying to stay away from them. Some of the places I want to put the lights don't have walls, i.e., around a covered porch (and I don't want to mount them on the columns that support the porch). Other locations are brick walls and I would rather not put them there either, except for a brick gable end wall.

Am I just using the wrong search terms?



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I used DelphiTech out of Canada for my lighting. It is high quality stuff. 7 years and no failures. However, the current prices look pretty high-- even for Canadian dollars.