PC for $249-$70 Rebate

It does look like a good deal. I may pick some up for some demo stuff we're doing here. Looks like shipping to Dallas is about another $30 though.
May not be appropriate for an HTPC. IIRC, that's a low-profile system, the same model as I got from geeks.com for $219. However, I couldn't find a good low-profile video card to save my life, probably b/c they don't exist. The onboard video card is completely awful, hurt my eyes to look at on an LCD monitor. I chopped the heck out of an ATI 9000Pro, got a little better, but not by much.

I ended up selling mine to someone who just wanted a PC for his kids, and built a new system.
Poor video quality would not be good. Otherwise, I could use a PC upgrade for the kids to do homework (word processing, internet searches, etc.). No gaming. We have an XBOX 360 for that.
Thanks for the link. I didn't get the one you indicated, but a couple of others they had. We have a couple of locations that a computer like that is all they need.
TigerDirect is my 2nd favorite online store for computer stuff. Newegg being the first. Newegg is better for standard stuff, parts, etc. at good prices all the time. But TD always has deals on stuff like this.
I have a very nice 7' oak computer desk. Still not sure how I got wife to buy into that but anyway it has a compartment for a tower PC. If I were to get an item such as this, I wonder if it is designed to be vertical. I really hate putting CDs into vertical trays but the PC would not be for me and no one uses CD/DVD tray all that often.
I had my netvista vertical for a while. Sucked trying to get the CD to stay in there while I closed the door. Not impossible, so if it's only 1x/3 months you might be ok, but you'll certainly swear that whole time.
FWIW, tigerdirect doesn't have a good reputation for fullfilling rebates. No personal experience, just seems to be the general concensous at hot deal sites like fatwallet.com.