Problems since upgrading to 3.12


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i recently upgraded my OPII from 3.11D to 3.12, and have been having significantly reliability problems with my GE Wireless sensors since then.
The problems started immediately after the upgrade: after the controller restarted, it immediately reported that all my GE wireless sensors were not ready.  When I went to look at the panel, the lights on the board that indicate send/receive activity were blinking very fast, and the bus light on my HAI GE receiver was also blinking very fast, and every sensor id was flashing past on the face of the receiver.
I did a power cycle, and those symptoms did not go away.  I proceeded to apply the update again.  Then the problem went away, so I thought I was fine.
Since then, however, I have sensors that have started to intermittently report trouble, and not ready.  The GE wireless system was stable and reliable before the upgrade but I have been seeing phantom not found and trouble reports since then.  As an experiment, I replaced the battery in one of the sensors but the symptoms did not abate.  I looked again at the panel today following a couple more trouble reports last night.  The send and receive activity lights on the OPII board were blinking very fast, and so was the bus light on the GE receiver--but all zones were showing ready.
I've seen the problem reports from others here on 3.13 so I don't want to upgrade again.  What's the best way to proceed in debugging?
Is there some kind of full reset procedure I should attempt, and can I re-upload my config via PC Access?  
Or is there an easy way to revert to 3.11D?  I don't have a copy of that firmware available--can I still download it?
Any other tips?  I'm not sure if it's possible to get more detail about what 'trouble' signal is being generated by GE sensors: battery, signal, tamper, etc?  Also, is there a signal strength indicator for GE Wireless sensors (akin to RSSI for HAI wireless?)
thanks for the help!
I've actually seen that problem with 3.12 and 3.13, but it seemed worse on 3.13.  Backup in PC Access, then reset the board with the console.  Go to the installer screen on the console. There are two reset items. I forgot which is which, but I did them in the order listed. The second will cleared everything, so you need to set the IP address if you have changed the default.  Then download everything in PC Access.  I still would not use 3.13, but 3.12 seems pretty stable, once you get it going.
There is no RSSI for the GE receiver, and I don't think I have ever received a low battery signal, although supposidly the sensors send it and the receivers receive it. The only thing I have ever received is "trouble" which seems to mean either low battery, or an alive signal hasn't been received in 6 hours.  The sensors send a signal about every hour and 6 hours of no signal gives you a trouble.
But the good thing about the GE receiver is you can get repeaters, and install those were you need to boost a signal. There are no repeaters available for the HAI receiver.
I have only seen the trouble message as well. If you look at the wireless receiver it will display LO(w) or CO(ver) or SF (supervisory failure) for the problem.
I also noticed that when you look at zone status on the HAI you will see "1" for device tripped and something like "6" for cover.
I assume the different numbers are the status messages added together 1 for tripped + 5 for cover. LO Bat is probably another value.
Have been meaning to make a chart but never got to it. I wish the panel could report based on the exact value but thats not possible right now.
Agree on the wireless repeater. Only needed it once but it solved the problem.