RelayTouch-UTMA Touch Screen Review

Listen, you guys can bring up any points you want. Bottom line, they both do the same thing, except one cost 1/3 the price of the other.
When all is said and done, they're both just touch screens.
You guys have your opinions, I have mine.... I also have more money in my pocket for other things because of that opinion.
The last thing I want to do is start a flame war here and I didn't want to reply, but I had to. This logic is just not right. Using this logic I can say a Hyundai is the same as Ferrari. Heck, they are both cars and essentially do the same thing and I would have alot more money in my pocket buying the Hyundai. When all is done they are both just cars. But.... we know that while they 'essentially' do the same thing, they are very different and appeal to different people for different reasons. So, while I totally respect your opinion and have no problem with you loving your airpanel, please don't disrespect others(including the manufacturer) with logic that is just not right. And no, I do not own any ipTouch product or have any interest in the company, I just want people to see both sides and be able to make a correct choice for themselves. the T-Tronix products ARE very different than an airpanel or other pc/ce based device.
Hey is touchtronix still in business. Seems like they dropped off the earth.
Hrm - the site is gone... I know a few months ago they basically stripped down their site saying they were still around in a limited capacity.

I hope they resurface - I had an app I was going to build soon that was basically based on them (interactive conference room scheduler/calendar outside all our conference rooms).
Interesting...I am a dealer and haven't heard anything but I haven't purchased anything in a long time either.
Any ideas how it would affect a laptop that used a latch type system to keep the monitor closed? Essentially, Will the screen adhesive pads thickness interfere with shutting the laptop?