Retro-fit 6" white Eye-ball seems to work with PLC


I installed my OPII during  the 2003-04 timeframe. I used different lighting protocols,( UPB, ALC, ZigBee) depending what and where the appropriate wiring existed, or did not exist,  in a house built in 1957 of cinder-block, poured concrete and Florida. It is a fortress, which comes in handy about this time of year. I have four eye-ball trimmed high hats in the kitchen ceiling, operating with Par 30 75 watt floods.They have always  worked and been fine, with the exception that the white trim has browned suggesting a lot of stove-top frying or a lot of smoking while preparing meals...neither of which happened during the past 14 years.
I was in HD and noticed some LED Eye-Ball retro-fit ceiling lights. Perfect for what I needed, but I was afraid that they would not work with the UPB dimmer switch I installed with the system in 2004. I am sure, without looking, that they pretty close to the original On-Q or HAI UPB (who OEM'd the switches to On-Q)  dimmer switches. So, I bought one and today I hooked it up. Before II went through the bother of installing in the housing, I flipped the switch, went to my phone with Snap-Link (miss HAIKU), dimmed it down low, brightened it...and it worked with no problem.
Just he other night I was reading a post on here talking about the fact with some dimmers you have to put in resistors in the switches, etc.. Not only is that to much work for me, it is over my head.
So I just wanted to give back a little back to the forum, if someone already hasn't mentioned these retro-fits. They are from Commercial Electric, which I believe is an HD brand like Ryobi. Off to get three more tonight. I hope that the switch can handle all four! :)


Thank you gym4im!!
So what is working for you relating to dimming LED lamps are the LED-Eyeball-recessed lamps from Home Depot:
Using HAI UPB switches?