Russound with "high-end" main zone


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I'd like to set up a CAV with one zone being the Rotel processor, Rogue tube pre and Krell 2-channel amp. I don't want to add the SRM-2.1 speaker relay module as Russound suggests.

I thought I would either split the analog sources and run to both the CAV and the Rotel but was wondering if the source audio connections on the back of the CAV are just a pass-through. This would most likely be fine on all non-critical-listening sources (XM, AM/FM) and then on the Arcam cd player and music server (RME Hammerfall soundcard) run directly to the Rotel/Rogue and run zone out to the CAV. The problem I have with the zone out is I loose the ease of scrolling through sources from the UNO keypads. On the cable and MCE sources I would run digital to the Rotel and analog to the CAV.

Any thoughts or suggestions on a better way to accomplish this?

I split mine by rinning all my HD and digital coax to a Autopatch 4ydm which then goes to my processors. I onlt run the analog to the russound. I can also control the sources through the UNO keypads this way.