Sage Updates


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I finally got around to updating sage to 6.2 and SageMC to the latest version. Everything works great, except for one thing which I haven't been able to figure out:

Previously, under videos I had content that might be laid out like this

Title A
--Disk 1
--Disk 2
Title B
Title C
--Disk 1
--Disk 2

When I was in sage it would show the list (Title A, Title B, Title C. etc).

Now, it seems if it was just a series of directories (like in the Title B example above) it shows INTERNAL1 versus Title B.

I played around with the settings and have not been able to figure it out yet (although there were some options that seemed like they would be related but they did not seem to fix the issue).

I'm still searching on the sage site but I figured there might be some similar experiences here.

On another note, I had a strange set of symptoms with my sage box: Every day or so it would get to a point where my network connectivity would die on that box. Originally it said it could not get an IP address. At that point I suspected the router, but set it to use a static IP address. The issue continued (not the same message, but it lost connectivity). With a reboot it would work fine (further implying it was local). Nothing conclusive in the event log.

Finally (just prior to doing the other updates above) I put in an Intel Gigabit NIC to replace the on board one I was using. So far so good. I had not seen this set of symptoms so thought I would share it in case someone else is unfortunate and sees the same ones). I'll have confirmation in a day or so that it was an itermittant problem with the onboard nic.

Now I just need to program the IR to deal with multiple boxes and I will be up to date.
Not sure about your labeling issue Mike - mine would show Title B... and I use Sage MC with 6.2. I rarely put videos into folders, but I have a couple.

Regarding the disconnect issue - I would have suspected your NIC or your switch port... sounds like you may have fixed it already.
Thanks. It has been a few days now and it seems the NIC was the culprit. It is unfortunate as that eats a slot in the HTPC (and all are filled), well I can work around that one. Better that it has connectivity than having to limit or work around other issues.

On the labelling I have been looking around but I haven't found the issue yet. It was working fine with the earlier SageMC release. My wife actually prefers the way the TV recordings are handled but the videos are very hard to understand now as they were never labelled with these assumptions
what do you mean about the way tv recordings are handled? I've been hoping for a better solution... maybe you found one.

Our are all sorted by date, but put in folders (so 3 episodes of the same show only is 1 line item).

What I really want is to automatically sort them (based on the Favorites list) into Mine, Wifes, Both, Kids. If I could do that, I'd be a hero :lol: