Save Electricity with Dimmed UPB Switches?

Jim Doolittle

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Do you save any electricity with a dimmed UPB switch. We have four 75 watt bulbs in our Laundry Room controlled by a US2-40 that I would like to come on by default at 75% but have a double tap to go to 100%. The extra lighting comes in handy some times.

Does this save electricity or is this electricity just converted to extra heat due to the dimming. I specifically asked about UPB switches but you can comment on others that may perform better or worse for such an application.
There is some loss but still significant savings. See this thread.

Brightness level

at 90% - 10% electricity saved (no loss) - 2X bulb life

at 75% - 20% electricity saved (5% loss) - 4X bulb life

at 50% - 40% electricity saved (10% loss) - 20X bulb life

at 25% - 60% electricity saves (15% loss) - 20X++ bulb life

So, you can see that there isn't too much efficiency lost with dimming a light bulb especially once you factor in the savings in light bulbs.
OK. Made the top button a Top Super Rocker with a single tap activating a link that uses default fade rate to 75%. Double tap brings light to 100%. Works really good!

Except...I can see my wife wanting it at 100% after initially at 75% and complaining about having to walk to the other end of the Laundry Room (30') to change it. Sounds like I need a remote switch at the other end of room...Martin!!! :angry:
I have most of my recessed lights come on at 50% in the same manner. I think you will find a percentage that makes you both happy. If you turn it on then want to raise it, yes you have to use the switch or another method (wireless, touchscreen, etc) to adjust it.