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Anybody got one? Impressions? Should I get one? Looks pretty cool to me, but wanted to hear some firsthands.
I was actually thinking of getting one of these to play around with. I think it may have some applications for security camera viewing if one wanted to say, watch what a baby sitter is doing at their home.

I know there are other (cheaper) methods of doing this, but this technology sounds like a really fun toy to play with.

Think of the possibilities if you have this with a multiple source/remote controlled video device.
I was going to "roll my own" but got lazy and bought one a while ago. I'm so glad I did. Just plug it in and it works.

I have an auto-switcher in front of it so if the sat box is off, it streams the video-out of my HA server.

The only thing I don't like is that they limit the number of concurrent connections to one. ;) If there is no hack yet, there should be one soon. I need to check on that...
Don't have one yet. ;) I have seen it in action from a remote laptop and I was surpised at how good the video quality actually was. Wasn't the best by any means but was not bad either. I might have to pick one up soon.

I think SH has them in stock as well.

Very cool product.

The only issue you have to remember when trying to stream more than one video stream remotely (not on your local LAN) is the upload speed of your connection. Unless you have a lot of outgoing bandwidth I can't imagine streaming more than one.
I just purchased one recently for under $130.00. I'm told the prices are falling rapidly because MS is developing a similar product, but of course it will be ripe with restrictions.

My decision to buy one was due to my large amount of travel. It allows me to watch local television when I'm 2000 miles away from home. Of course, it also allows me to distribute cable TV to any of the computers around my house. One very cool possibility is now to add cable TV to my Intermec 5055b touchscreen computers that I bought for $99 and installed in many locations around the house. I'm not sure how well the performance will be on them yet.