Smoke Supervisor Relay wiring


I got a DSC RM-1 supervisor relay for the smoke detector, but it doesn't have any instructions on what color wire means what. I know to hook it to power and the NC zone, but I don't know which of the red, white, green, black, or yellow wires means what.

I tried calling DSC -- they wouldn't answer because I am the homeowner, not an installer -- annoying that they wouldn't give product info. Said I need to talk to the dealer.

So, I called SmartHome, and they had to get info from DSC -- but DSC says the only thing they have is for the RM1C, which has terminal connectors on it, not wires.

So, what is the secret code on the wiring?

DSC-RM1 leads are as follows,

Smoke Power connections, last unit in the zone
Red is Positive
Black is Negitive

Smoke Zone Circuit connections, last unit in the zone.
White is relay common
Green is relay Normally Open (non powered) closed when powered.

Yellow is not used.