Stopping the Ethernet error message on keypad


I have a system in a building where I removed the Ethernet bridge due to a failure. It was no longer being used so i didn’t replace it. I also deleted the “telephones” in the elk rp that referred to it. It is still beeping incessantly the Ethernet error. How do I stop this other than just turning the keypad volume down?

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You physically removed the M1XEP?
Try un-enrolling it using a keypad.
"Once an M1XEP has been enrolled, the Control will now begin tracking each response to an “XK” command, and it will display and log an “Ethernet Trouble” message if an “xk” response is not received within 120 seconds of the “XK” command."
(the M1 sends an XK message every 30 seconds as a heartbeat)