Switches going bad in mouse...


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I was thinking my PC had something wrong because I started to have to click my mouse more than once and when I would click and drag to select some text when I let up the selection was gone. I tried another mouse and didn't have the same trouble so it seems to be the mouse. It's a Logitech and has been used pretty heavily for something like 5 years. So I guess I just wore it out. I did find some pages that talked about replacing the switches inside but for the price I will likely just get a new one. just never had this happen before.
I use a Marble mouse on all my computers. I have had the same problem with a couple of them. Looks like the left button starts to fail....
Personally here switched to using wireless Logi (Logitech) Trackball. Years working. All I do is occasionally clean the ball contacts.

I use the trackballs for the laptops. For the home office computer purchased a Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse (plus Trackball).

(not a game person.)