System Design Feedback

Yup; I like the retro look of the Omnistat 2.  That said its in the dining room of the home and never looked at directly or touched much.   It is also wired these days to the furnace.  Not into wireless thermostats; but that is me.
Same thing in Florida relating to the dining room / thermostat stuff.  The dining rooms are rarely utilized.
The HAI omni temp / humidity sensors are utilized and mostly the Omnitouch screens to look at the thermostat from wherever if need be.
That said the remote access to the system is used but only to monitor the HVAC and to make changes if I am wanting to remotely.
My software automation touchscreen pieces allows for custom Omni connected thermostat touchscreens. 
The Nest thermostat looks nice but I like that the HAI OPII system is closed and not dependant on the internet for anything these days. 
I read somewhere that Google was maybe planning on putting advertisements on the Nest Display. 
Well I guess then it'll attract a view of it wherever its sits.
Helped a friend with LV wiring in his new home.  He did multiple HVAC zones on the main and second floor of his home and installed tubes in his basement floor for hot water heat.  I am not sure when if ever he will get to doing anything in the basement.  That said though his only spend was on the tubes and the spacers which was very inexpensive.