The Ultimate Home Automation Hardware List

imca (intelligent monitor control and automation:, which is basically a universal, cross platform middleware framework with a powerful web-based GUI, already supports all the following switching and sensing units, and new devices are being incorporated all the time:

aviosys ip sensor 9216s
aviosys ip power 9258
aviosys ip power 9223k
aviosys ip power 9258 wifi
aviosys ip power 9292 delux
avtech room alert 11e
damocles mini
IRTrans wifi DB
and of course...all Elk/Ness M1 family
I'm not sure if this is still an active thread but you may want to add these to intelligent controllers.

Vera 2 by Mi Casa Verde (Zwave, Insteon, X10)
HomeTroller by Home Seer (Zwave, UPB, Insteon, X10)
Go!Control Panel by 2gig Technologies (Zwave, 345mhz)
Yes and no, I am working on a List version of this (similar to the software one I posted recently). Thanks!
Universal Devices has replaced the ISY 26 with the ISY 99i, there are a few models, all support X-10 in addition to Insteon, hardware upgrades allow IR sensing (RC-5 protocol) and a software upgrade allows web control
So I think it's time to move this data into an easy to search database as well (similar to the home automation software database).  I would like input from the community regarding the type of features we should track (and make searchable).  Here are some I can think of (might require better wording), please take a second to think about what you would like to see added, thank you!
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Website
  • MSRP
  • Type: Basic/Advanced (see first post in this thread for an explanation)
  • Status: Available/Discontinued
  • Protocols
  • Infrared
  • Whole House Audio
  • IP enabled
  • Manage Home Automation Network: Z-Wave, INSTEON, UPB
  • Expandable: USB, RS232, RS485
  • HVAC
  • Touch Screen Clients
  • Web Server
  • Onboard I/O Connectivity: Inputs, Outputs
Compatibility with security systems including required modules?  It may already be considered to be covered in the  "Expandable" category as it lists RS232. HVAC has it's own category that would likely be covered there if that is the case.  One could argue that the Nest thermostat warrants the HVAC category, but then we'll need an irrigation category for the Toro EC series of timers etc.
One more thought, I think that there are automation controllers disguised as energy management devices ready to enter the market as well. The EC-100 Energy Controller from Control4 is one example.  Energy Management could be added to your list.
Don't know if this thread is still active....
The Smartenit Controller Line (Both Intelligent):
Harmony Platinum (ZigBee, wifi w/ expandability to INSTEON & X10)
Harmony Gateway (ZigBee, wifi, INSTEON, X10)
Rupp said:
HomeSeer now suport UPB.
Somethimes a little more info would be great.
Now I have to google for simple automated RS232 pim to find out where the plugin is for.
Plugin title is HomeSeer UPB isn't saying much.