These 8" monitors seem like a really good deal.

I just purchased a 7" Touchscreen from THIS COMPANYTHIS COMPANY, and am very happy with the purchase.

Their customer support was TOP notch! It was delayed by 2 days leaving Hong Kong, and I received a phone call letting me know it was delayed. When it was shipped I received an email with the tracking number, and a day later a follow up phone call!

I have had some mixed results with Ebay sellers, but this is one I would definately recoomend.

For $219 the screen is very nice. Supports 800x600 or 1024x768. The screen is nice and bright, and comes with a remote, AC adapter as well as the cigerette adapter for the car. The screen also has a "locking" cable to connect to the monitor. Reading reviews, many mentioned that the plug on different models works it's way loose, the locking cable takes care of that.

The screen also works well with a stylus, for small detailed stuff, as well as with a finger for general use.