Time Saved?


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So, what do you do with all of your saved time by automating your house? Me, I think I will spend more time tinkering with it than I could ever "save" by automating it perfectly in the first place. Probably, even when it's "perfect", I'll still have reason to tinker with it. So, it becomes a time sink rather than a time saver. But it's what I like doing, so it's really not that bad.
My wife is the one who saves the time.

Me, I'm the schmoe who just spent all day to run new wiring for a doorbell (previous one was wireless) and an Elk Doorbell ring detector so I could, eh, i dunno, automate it somehow. Must be something cool there somewhere.
Heh! My doorbell was one of the first things I did. I can rotate WAV's for the sound played, but I've stuck with my original for years... The doorbell from The Jetsons! :eek: