Took the plunge


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Got a decent deal. Dell had 15% off 400+ then I got a coupon for another 10% off. Been wanting some type of wireless device for automation, so I went for this cause there was nothing i really liked or worked for my needs.

lol, that is the dumbest review I ever read. Plus it's old. From May.
ppl aren't getting these to watch full length feature films, nor are they getting them to plug in a keyboard to. yet that's what he is comparing to and gripping about. 512mb is more than enough ram and 40gb is about 2x too much then what i need. just have to purge all the pre-installed garbage to take back some of the ram and hd space.

I didn't take the time to read the article. but, the Q1 is capable of displaying full motion video wirelessly. I just watched a movie on it last night :)
I have it sitting next to my desktop and will put a movie on it to multitask.

the Q1 is a very nice device for automation and control.

EDIT: ok, did take the time to skim the article. The UMPC is good for a niche need like automation and media control. It's not a replacement of a laptop for building powerpoint slides, writing documentation, or photoshop use.