Touchscreen mirror?


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Anyone run across a touchscreen on a one-way mirror?  As in, a display behind the mirror, but with a touchscreen on the front.
I'd like to have a way to do notifications and tasks via a touchscreen.  But I'm not interested in having a live screen lit constantly.  Something around 24" diagonal (max).  
The problem with using just a plain touchscreen is you either have a screen lit up all the time or there's a dead back box on the wall.  I find using a live screen all the time is distracting, not to mention a waste of power.  But by the same token a blacked out screen is not an attractive addition to anyone's decor.
I'm thinking that a mirror being driven from behind by what's basically bright white text on a black background might be a useful way to do some interesting automation stuff.  It'd serve it's otherwise passive purpose by being a mirror, but then still be able to provide info/feedback when needed.  I don't forsee using this for displaying TV programming.  Sure, stuff like surveillance camera viewing or possibly stuff like video calls might be useful.  
I wouldn't expect the touchscreen to be precise enough to do fine drawing. 
But I'm not coming up with much in the way of search results online for this sort of thing.  Anyone seen products that might work here?  Without being ridiculously expensive, that is.
Sure, fingerprints could be an issue, but presumably the majority of the UI could be arranged to avoid contact points in the center portion of the screen.  This being different than using soft-button areas, as those tend to arbitrarily restrict the UI (as witnessed in newer android tablets). 
That and some capacitance screens, or ones with IR/RF sensors in the frame can help mitigate this.  But it'd be preferable to avoid using the frame due to maintenance hassles.  Having had monitors with that sort of thing in the past I'm not keen to repeat the experience.
Bearing in mind the placement of a device like this would be more like how one uses a medicine cabinet in a bathroom.  Not as just a typical mirror-over-some-furniture setup.  
There's some radical re-thinking most folks might need to consider regarding a screen like this.  Most of the time people expect a screen to be forcing something upon them.  A la CNN or ESPN running constantly on a TV.  That's not what I'm after.  That and having had a number of info-tainment gizmos over the years (audrey, chumby, etc) they're not quite the solution either.  Same thing with digital 'picture frames'; they waste too much of my attention on nonsense.  
Whereas something a bit more subtle, bled in through a mirror, might be a lot more useful.  
Think about it, in the fairy tale a 'magic mirror' didn't show anything other than a reflection until there was interaction.  Same idea here, more or less.