Trying to set up Access Control items


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Hey everybody,

My name is Joey Moyer and I am going to be a senior studying Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. At my internship for the summer, I am in charge of setting up all of the home automation equipment at my boss' company. I have never done anything with home automation before, so I am kinda having a slow time starting everything up and getting everything working. I would like to say that my Electrical Engineering technology degree has been helping me out though.

Anyways, I am now trying to just see if I can get the access control portion up and running. Our setup is that we have the HAI access card readers and HAI key tags. I am using the PC Access software (version 3.2) to set this stuff up. So far, I have been able to connect a HAI card reader to the HAI power hub, and I then connected the power hub to a serial port on the OmniPro II board. In the PC Access software, I went to the "Access Control Readers" link underneath the "Expansion" tab, and I put the card reader's IP address in the "Address" field. I then wrote to the controller. I would like to say that this did at least something, because before, all of the card readers LEDS were on, and now there is only just one LED on.

My question now is, when i click on the "Status/Control" tab and then click on the "Access Control Readers" link, it is completely blank. How do I get the card reader that I just programmed to show up in there? And also, what do I have to go to integrate the key tags with the card readers? For example, what do I have to do so that when a key tag is swiped at the card reader, it recognizes it is a vaild tag, and it sends a signal to the door strike?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


By default only named items are displayed on the status page. In general in the Omni world unnamed = unused.

Go to the Setup > Access Control Readers page and name it (e.g. Front Door). Also remember that you must write your configuration changes to the controller. Just changing in PC Access is not sufficient.