TV problems ...


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I am having some issues with my 32" Philips TV, and it really is starting to become a problem, so I figured I would start a thread about it, in case someone else has run into this issue.

Whenever the TV hasn't been on for a while, it won't turn on correctly. When you first hit power on, it turns off immediatly, and does this several times. Then once that issue is gone, you need to keep switching the channels for 40 or so seconds (using the remote, local controls on the TV don't fix this problem), or it will turn off again (and start all over). Once you hear this really loud squeeling noise (and you can see some weird effects once the pictures shows), you can stop changing the channels, and it will stay on. Since this is a really nice TV (2001 model, so it isn't that old), I really want to figure out what's going on, but am afraid of taking the TV apart to look at the electronics.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
that's what I have been trying for the last few days, problem is that the turning it self off thing is new, and hard to deal with (it isn't always the same # of turn offs, and my remote has a power toggle button). The channel flipping part has been fixed with the Ocelot, and works great, I just have to deal with the random power offs while warming up. The only solution would be a CR magnetics sensor, or a discrete ON code (prefered method), but I am having trouble locating the code.
sounds like time for a technician to visit. I had problems with my Mitsu a couple years ago - turned out some capacitors had gone bad and leaked causing irregular behaviour.
Do you remember how much that visit was? I really don't want to spend several hundred dollars on this TV.
I had 2 seperate visits. The first time, he fixed the power supply without having to take the TV. That was around $100 (I think). The second visit, he had to take the TV and it cost more... probably around $250.

This was over the course of several years (I've had this 35" TV for about 14 years now), and was worth the expense (awesome picture for analog). If it happened now, I'm not sure what I'd do (upgrading the whole house to HDTV is one of my upcoming projects).
I had an old 27" magnavox do something similair. It would power up but have no picture (though you could tell it was on). It turned-out if you pushed the PIP button twice, it would work again - but no other buttons would fix it. It was weird, but tollerable, so we never fixed it. Your problem seems much more annoying, though.

The 27" magnavox hasn't been used since 2001, though. When we went to Korea, we put it in storage, and now that we're back in the US, it's just sitting in a closet until we find a use for it.
Guess I really have to concentrate on finding the discrete on/off codes for this thing (Philips 32PS60B), but haven't had much luck, and I tried both the hifi forums and remotecentral.