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I have been trying to get my new ELK M1G to dial out for 2 days. I triple checked all wire connections including the RJ45 cable connect to the Elk (Grey-R1, Brown-T1, Red-RING, Green-TIP) and measured the voltage on the phone company terminals. There is an old adage - check the obvious first! After trying everything (including reversing the wires as was suggested by Brad at Elk), I decided to wire the RJ31X terminal block directly to the ELK and not use the RJ45 plug. The ELK now dials out. I cannot believe it. Either the RJ31X cable color description on page 7 of the installation manual is incorrect (not likely), or the RJ45 plug/cable that came with the M1GSYS4 is bad (more likely).
Oh well, now I can call the monitoring company to test the system.
I am glad that you found the problem friend! Nothing like not knowing what is causing something to malfunction.

I was wondering.........what company have you found to monitor your elk for security?
I am going with a local security company (a close friend of my nephew). They install CADDX systems (my nephew is getting a wired CADDX system) and if I get really good programming the Elk, I may have a consulting job if they decide to carry the Elk system. I think they are going to charge me 10.95 per month. Now that my Elk can dial out, I need to call them and go over the monitoring details.
Glad to hear you got it working. I was starting to tighten up!!!!!

I spend hours helping another customer that had three things wrong at once: a bad serial cable, an improperly wired telephone connection, and the baud rate was set wrong for a Crestron connection. In his opinion nothing was working right. Finally, we got everything fixed and the system worked great.