UPB Water Sensor

Jim Doolittle

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I have a float switch in my sump pump well connected to Ocelot and then HomeSeer will provide alarm and call cellphones when water level is high. I would also like to monitor for water in pool shed in the event something leaks. A float switch would not work for this.

I was thinking of hooking up this water sensor with a UPB UMI. I should be able to wire across the alarm which would allow the built-in alarm to still go off and also provide a UPB signal. This would also provide other I/O opportunities for the pool shed.

Any suggestions?
Jim, if you dont need the actual alarm box, you can go with these GRI water sensors. WOW on the price, its much cheaper than ebay even. Its the cheapest I have seen anywhere and cant figure out why they are so cheaper from this vendor. I bought ten of these and have them under every sink and tub, then tied into the on-q hms 1100 (hai omni pro). From there is can trigger whatever you want: cell phone, flashing light, logged entry, or an alarm anywhere in the house. Cant beat the price. What a VERY cheap way to add a nice feature to HA. (note: this is not up and running yet as we are still in the construction phase of project and no drywall yet. )

hi kirk! correct, and its VERY important it has AT LEAST 5 v. you make want to supply more and allow for voltage drops. i think it can be up to 16v if i recall correctly ( the sensors can work up to 16 v i mean).

the zone wont have voltage? oh i got lots to learn since i am just starting, LOL. i will need to figure out how to get voltage to it but i am sure its easy and i will eventually master it.
Make sure you watch the voltage that you use because the UMI can only handle 4-5V with either 30-42 VAC or 100-140 VAC depending on the input you use.