UPB with 3 phase power


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I saw this forum posting http://cocoontech.com/forums/topic/26709-hai-ubp-repeater-or-coupler/?hl=%2Bupb+%2Bcoupler#entry215326 which death with the question of coupler versus repeater, however, I'd like to ask if a coupler will work with 2 phases of a 3 Phase system.

I have 120v/208v Wye 3 phase power and am using UPB lighting control. I have a HAI coupler on phases B and C. I have about 20 UPB switches which I thought were split between phases B and C but I subsequently discovered that all my UPB switches are actually all on phase C which is the same phase as my Pim is connected. As such everything has been working fine but I recently tried to add a switch on Phase B and found out the phase coupler doesn't appear to be working as the new switch couldn't be seen.

My question is if a phase coupler will work between two phases of a 3 phase system? I'm not sure if I have the coupler hooked up correctly or if it's not possible to do what I'm doing. If it's possible can the 3 phases be connects by using 2 couplers? (Ie phase A and B on one coupler and phases B and C on another coupler)

I'm toying with just spending the money and getting a 3 phase repeater but before doing so want to know if the coupler will work or I am trying to accomplish something not possible.
I don't believe you can use a phase coupler with a 3 phase system.  In a 3 phase system, the AC waveforms are offset from each other by 120 degrees.  UPB protocol depends on the signaling pulses being in precisely timed locations relative to the start of the waveform, but the phase coupler will inject them onto the other phase in the wrong location.
Thanks for all the replies and confirming the coupler would not work on a 3 phase system. I will order and install the 3 phase repeater.

Now is there any difference in the quality or performance between the HAI repeater and Pulseworx? I know HAI products tend to be higher priced but am struggling to justify their price of $535 to the Pulseworx 3 phase repeater at $225. Is the HAI so much more powerful or better built to justify such a premium price?

My home is a 3300 sqft single floor condominium so am thinking the Pulseworx even if less powerful will work. Any comments?
In many cases they are the same, but if anything the Pulseworx one is probably better. They used to be more expensive, but prices have dropped lots lately.