video capture recommendation


I currently have a couple of the cheap wired x10 cameras that I have modulated in my home. I'm looking for a way to capture the video within the computer / within homeseer so that when motion is detected it records and grabs a few frames to put on my homeseer page.

What video capture hardware does everyone use? What software would be recommended for this purpose? How does it interface with home seer?

I would look into getting a cheap ATI TV Wonder VE or Hauppauge Win TV-Go for the capture. This way you can use the modulated or raw video signal. They are also cheap as you can get them on sale if you watch some forums for $20 to $25.

Search for a video capture software matrix here on CocoonTech for software recommendations. I'm using an old old old (i.e. only paid $35 at the time) version of WebCamXP and did a How To on it for using it with Homeseer's web server. Just be aware that the How-To was done with this older version (screen shots not correct) but there is still some good info there.

I believe the popular program to use today is Active Web Cam. Others should chime in with their opinions.
There are other options that can integrate with Homeseer such as their capture plugin and the Hauppauge capture plugin. I chose software that has its own webserver and basically just link to that webpage on my main Homeseer page.

I see you want captures. The software I mentioned uses motion on the video to capture and store the image and not motion from an external detector. If you want this method you need to use something like the Homeseer or Hauppauge plugins.
So the iWitness software has a web server or other interface that can be referenced from Homeseer (as requested by the OP)? Plus, why would he want to go with Active Home as he already has Homeseer?