virtual keypad


I spend days in that and is no way for me to make that virtual keypad work,look like my problem is with the router forward ports,I really need some help to config my router, I e-mail Leviton asking for help but nothing happen,is better solution change a router for other less complicated or someb. can give me a hand,please?

It sounds like you are trying to use, perhaps the ElkRM software from a location outside your LAN/home? Or perhaps the ethernet webpage from the ethernet module?

I have no experieince with ElkRM, but you probably want to try it from inside your network first to make sure it is working.

Once that is done, it is probably an issue of port forwarding. I have not exposed mine, but port 2601 sticks in my head (look at the manual for whichever solution you are trying to expose). Take a look at how to setup port forwarding on your router, and forward whatever ports are required to the IP address of your Elk.

If you know the ports, and are having trouble with your router, the manufacturers will typically have a support line and can walk you through it step by step. Or just check the manual for the product you have.

Hope this helps.
I try to use the VK inside my network,I dont have any intention to access my home from outside,the manual for the router i have(Leviton) dont have much information about port forwarding.
If you are using it inside your network, it should not be a routing issue (at least from a port forwarding issue).

1. You must have the Ethernet adapter for the elk
2. You should be able to see that from ElkRP (as a device)

You should outline what you have tried and what the symptom was. Do you know the IP address of the Elk ethernet adapter is set properly? Can you use ElkRP to connect to the Elk from your computer?
1 i have the XEP
2 i can see the XEP from RP

I can connect to RP via network,the IP adress is not static IP but are set right in RP,ELK tech support spend some time tryin to help me with no luck I open the browser and tipe the XEP adress and open the app ,later put my access code and the virtual keypad show completely but not show any status of the system or let me change anything ,i have the last jawa version. Complicated eh!
thans for help
Do you have the Globals G29-G42 (Serial Port 0) set to transmit? If you can get to the VK and log in it is not a routing issue. Sounds more like the VK not getting data because of the Globals.
Try using the default code if it is still valid 3456 I think it is. I am wondering if you can have some kind of incorrect permissions on your code.

Just a guess here as if this is the case I'm not sure what those settings will be.

Another item: Can you attach a screenshot to your post, maybe that will give a clue.
Well, perhaps now with someone with more knowledge than I can chime in on why that is and how you can fix it.

I will try to look as well, but I realized in redoing my pc I neglected to reinstall ElkRP so I guess I'll be on the Elk site now.
I think i solve part of the problem,in RP under user information i change the user autorization code from the default code to my personal code but now i wonder if I have to do the same in the Keypad. Thanks for Help.