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Warning doing business with Monoprice!


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I think we have all been caught on that one.
Test the units immediately when you get them, needed right now or not.


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You take a much bigger risk trying to buy these things outside of their normal supply chains.  You said this is a Monoprice item - but you purchased through a dealer... is it branded as monoprice?  Was Monoprice ever even involved in the manufacture or sale of that item?
I also agree you need to test things when you get them and not wait two years... Not many manufacturers would still support you outside the warranty period... and I'm pretty sure almost none of them would send you knocking on their manufacturer's door - that's just not part of the agreement.
Maybe you can find a general electronics repair place - there are niches out there that can repair just about anything.


Unrelated / related here I purchased the Leviton HAI Omnistat thermostat when it was first released and never did test it.
The older HAI RC-80 worked fine for me.
I am thinking it was maybe three years or so after purchase I decided to replace the RC-80 with the Omnistat.
I had issues with the Omnistat, called and opened up a support ticket, did the doo of diagnostic testing.
Well too I am not sure of the warranty period of the Omnistat.  That said HAI did replace it with a new one and I sent them back the old one.
What is considered a branded piece of hardware?  (IE: Axis verus say Foscam?)
Is it mimicking technologies (or standards)?
There are companies that have been around a long time and have keep their pricing (high) accordingly to the technology that they have always used or invented.
An example is the zoned amplifier sold by MonoPrice with catXX connected keypads and serial control and comparing it to the old Russound CA series of zoned amplifiers.