weird Elk issue

I just got the first of my inputs attached to the Elk, 3 wireless door sensors. This is currently the only thing connected. I did a test of arming and disarming and everything worked fine. About an hour after the test, when I just leave it be, I come back to the keypad and it gives me a not ready error. I can't arm or disarm the system.
If I turn the power on the Elk mainboard off and then back on, everything resets and I can arm and disarm the system but an hour later is starts giving me the not ready reading again.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Strange! Sounds like the Wireless door or window transmitter is reporting in which occurs every 62 minutes and is telling the M1 the zone is violated.

I need more information about how everything is setup, what type of transmitters, have you got any option settings for the transmitters set.
Kust got it answered, one of the door contacts seperated and went beyone 2 inches away. This created the not ready alarm. Thanks for the help.