whole house audio /video

Hey IVB did you finish your case study yet?Im starting to get a grasp on what you been telling me.How did you tie in all your RS232 devices and IR to your pc's?I looked for a wiring diagram for your system but did not find one.I plan on having one pc for my HT room and another for the rest of the home zones.Thanks for any reply Scott.
Not yet, generating the content is certainly taking time. If you're joining the 1/6 CQC user group webex, you could enhance that understanding.

I got a Moxa 8way RS232 card for my PC, cost about $45 on eBay. I plugged all the devices into that. I had a USB-UIRT setup for blasting out to IR devices, but I got sick of the "press&pray" that IR inherently is and sold off all my IR stuff, bought RS232 stuff.