Will Elk do this? Or something else


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I have a Lutron Caseta system working great, would like to have outdoor motion sensors trigger the Caseta (am willing to leave Caseta if something else will work)

Elk has a Caseta Module.

Ideally, I would like an outdoor camera system/ dvr motion sensor trigger lights through the house, and add some logic if possible, so I could have rules such as:

If its after 9:00 PM and
Motion sensor in driveway trips, turn on light A, and if
Motion sensor in front of garage trips, turn on light b and if
Motion sensor at back door trips, turn on Alarm

Something like that.

Seems so easy I just dont know which system will do this.

Also, I dont want it talking to a cloud anywhere, I want local control.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure that I understand your question. Any lighting system that can be turned on and off by the Elk programming will do what you want to do.


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As long as your cameras or dvr system have alarm contacts.
You need:
Camera/DVR w/ Alarm Contacts -->  Elk Zone Inputs
Elk Caseta Lighting Module / Bridge

3 Rules in the Elk
WHENEVER Camera Zonex Becomes Not Secure
AND Time is Later Than 9PM
THEN Turn Lightx ON


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I have never been able to get a video camera to work successfully as an outdoor motion detector because every time a cloud passes in front of the sun or a breeze blows on a tree you will get an alarm.