Window contacts


I'm doing a new home construction and doing the voice, data and security myself. I've done lots of cat5 and coax, but the security stuff is new to me. So far I'm got the wiring run under each window and have about a week before the insulation goes on, so I need to decide what type of contact to use for the windows.

I have vinyl windows and the installer warned not to drill into bottom the frames because water will leak and get under the windows. The window sill has drain holes on the outside. I think that some silicone would seal good enough, right? Oh yeah, drilling holes will void the warranty (not too worried about that part)

The sides can't be used because the window is hung on blocks that run up the sides so there is no clearance on the sides.

I don't really like the looks of the external contacts, but if I use them, do you leave the wires sticking out the wood frame opening until the trim guy is ready to add the wood sill?

Looking for some ideas . .

Check out THIS How-To, shows some pics of various window installations.

May also want to browse on how to check out all that wiring once its run before drywall is put up.


I would run the wires the normal way, contacts on the bottom of the sill. They won't leak if sealed properly. Also, we'll be adding on the website some contacts that you dirll and then screw in. They also include the rare earth magnets.

Listem to BSR, he's the expert!
cmc said:
Listen to BSR, he's the expert!
Hehe, thanks for the kind words & compliment, but there are a LOT of professional installers here that have more experience (and knowledge).

I have a whopping TWO security installations under my belt!! ;)

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