Wiring and a Fireplace


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Have a friend who is doing some significant remodeling to his home. He wanted me to help him run some wires for his Home Theatre setup, but where his is wanting to run the wires, just happens to be behind the fireplace. His fireplace is not the common type (brick flue), rather is is a small metal pipe flue.

   |  |
   |  |  <-- metal
   |  |
|--   --|
|       |
| Fire  |

He has already had some speaker wires run through the wall behind the flue, but If Im gonna help, I want to make sure that nothing comes back to bite me in the bum.

Whats is the best way to "Fireproof" wiring? He's looking at running speaker, DVI, VGA, Power, and Component wires.
I think he's gonna do it regardless what I tell him. The metal conduit, though, has to be better than nothing. Good idea!
Metal conducts the heat. Try a fiberglass sleave. I seem to remember that this stuff is used by car racers to cover the spark plug wires so that exhaust headers don't fry the wires. There is also wrap that is used for wrapping exhaust headers to keep the heat on the inside of the pipes for performance. You could use this to wrap the wires behind the fireplace.
These type of fire place flues are a pipe within a pipe and rarely get very warm at all. As long as the wires are not touching the metal then I wouldn't worry. This is the type I have and all of my wiring is run within a foot of the fireplace box and flu and I have gas logs that run all winter. My insulation in that attic is blown all over the flu.