Wiring for Sat TV (and opinions on hardware)



I had a Sat. installer come out to the new place and tell me where I can put the dish. Looks like I am in a tough spot. I Kinda figured that. Here are my options:

1. Keep my std. DirectTV service and put the dish on a 6' pole on one corner of the lot. I barely clear some 150' cedars on the other side of the street. I would need to run 4-6 RG6 lines most likely and give up on HD Sat channels.

2. Dump DirecTV and go with Dish Network. I would need 1 or 2 6' poles and I would need 2 30" dishes to get the std and HD signals. They would need to go in the middle of the yard. He also recommended running 4 RG11 lines to maximize signal strength.

We have lousy cable in our area so that is not an option.
I would like to keep DirecTV since I have lifetime TiVo on our current box.

Does anyone have the latest DISH HD DVR unit? Can you offer any comparison to what DirectTV has for HDDVR? How well does the off-the-air antenna integrate with it?

Is the RG11 worth it? Anyone know a good source for this gauge?

Can I direct bury any RG6 or RG11 or do I need a special type? How about the RG6QS that Automated Outlet carries?

Looks like I will need to have multiple runs around 150'-200' of wire between the wiring room and the dish with either option.

Thanks for any help/advice/info you can offer!

Nope. There are several 100'-200' trees on the lot across the street from me where the sat needs to point. The only way to clear them is to move the dish to my backyard as far from the house (and trees) as possible. I also have tall trees on either side of me. I basically have this narrow slot that is hard to hit and only from one spot in the yard. To makes things even worse, my lot sloes downward in the backyard, making it even harder since you lose elev as you move away from the house. I am basically very limited in my options, unfortunatly... :-(
Thanks for the sympathy and sarcasm... Does anyone have any constructive info or comments? What about a good source for the RG11?