z-wave newbie questions


Ok guys and gals,
I have a HA07 Controller I also have the USB z-wave controller and have created my network using the USB controller. Is it possible to have the HA07 function with the USB controller. The software I am using is ThinkEssentials and I would ultimatly like to develop my own custom software for my needs in the future. Anyway, I would like to use the pc (at the moment) to do my discovery/removal of items since it is a bit easier, but still be able to use the remote i have. Any suggestions, instructions or obvious information a newbie like myself might be lacking. Thanks
Yes you can use the two together.

I have 4 controllers setup; usb (Think), 2 handhelds, and Elk Zwave module.

I just saw that you also post on ControlThink, I'm sure Chris will also answer your question in greater detail.