Zwave Serial Interface now available

Martin -- do you have a photo of the actual RS232 unit? The photo at that link is the USB unit. I'm curious to see what the external power adapter looks like too.

Also, is there anything else differentiating this unit from the USB one? I'm assuming that the significantly increased MSRP of the unit is mainly due to higher per-unit cost due to the greater demand for USB, although obviously the external power supply plays a part in cost as well.

Thanks for letting us know you have it! I need to go order one ;)

Yeah, that picture is funny. It's a USB version with a label on it that says Serial - go figure. I'll have them in stock on Tuesday I think. I'll take a picture of it and post it.

Supposedly severval new devices will be available within the next month or so. Because of delays from ACT in the past I don't post them on the site until they are at least in-transit to me.

I think the next devices we will see though are some higher wattage light switches and motion sensors.
We need true 3-ways. I can't believe they have a motion sensor before a true 3-way switch.