1-wire DS18S20 Sensor Network - What I Know


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After reading many many many webpages, searching Google repeatedly, having my brain turned to mush by extremely technical documents and more; I now have a working 1-wire system.
Take that "the internet!"
Let me start with the basics of why:
  1. I have water pipes that run overhead from the house to the garage, this was to be temporary, but that was a couple of years ago. They are protected with heat tape & wrapped with insulation, but still froze last year.
  2. I have multiple wireless battery operated thermometers to monitor indoor and outdoor, garage, basement, well head, and outdoor faucet temps. And all too often the batteries are dead or the signal is lost just when it is most important to know what the temperature is.
My research led me to martybugs dot net and his serial temp sensor circuit. Searching Digikey revealed the cost to build this network was within my limited budget, so I ordered the components and launched full steam ahead.
While he provides a circuit diagram and parts list, I was confused by quite a bit, especially the apparent conflict between his diagram and the photos on the site. He shows a breadboard of the circuit that is an almost mirror image of the circuit layout. Add in the need to use specific wires/pins from the serial cable or connector. This led me to another search for pin assignment diagrams for serial connectors. Then I took an old serial cable and cut it only to find that the wire colors didn't match the "standards" I had found to use as a reference. This then required using my ohmmeter to test each pin to find the connected wire.
This is what I have working so far:
  1. I am using LogTemp to monitor the sensors.
  2. I configured a low temp alarm to run a batch file.
  3. The batch file starts a power shell script that
    turns on the monitor from a standby state
  4. turns the PC volume to a very high level
  5. starts windows media player in full screen mode
  6. plays a flashing video with an annoying old telephone ringing
  7. after the 1:30 long video finishes, closes windows media player
  8. resets the PC volume to normal
  9. puts the monitor back to sleep

[*]LogTemp writes an HTML file that I store in the public folder for access by other computers on the LAN
The PC I am using is running WinXP, I have internet access blocked using a secondary router. This is the PC I have been using for my security camera dvr card that will not run in Linux or Win 7.
Things I want to add:
  • script code to popup an alarm notification on other LAN computers
  • auto dialer
  • simple relay controls to operate fans either by clicking a shortcut or from LogTemp
  • remote IR controller to switch an IR remote controlled evaporative cooler on/off/high/low/water on-off
  • outdoor motion sensor LAN popup
  • driveway sensor
  • security camera motion
Without spending $$$$$
It's funny, once you get one thing working, all sorts of things come to mind.
If anyone is interested in a how to let me know.