1-Wire LCD Display

What Programs can I use for the LCD Display?

I did not get the java programs to compile ....

Nor did mine, but that's because the machine that's running it doesn't have Java, and I'm trying not to put too many needless programs on there. (Like, it doesn't have any X functions).

I'm running Linux, with OWFS on top. And if I'm gathering all the clues together properly, my 4x20 display is in 2x20 mode. My guess is that writing -x5A into there, as in the initialization code (Java) I should be able to turn it into a 4x20.

But there's not a ton of docs on it; at least not all-in-one-place and with clarity. If I can get this assumption confirmed, I think I can make it work in Perl, and for documentation purposes, bash. But when I do 'crack the code' I'll be posting my findings.
What Programs can I use for the LCD Display?

I did not get the java programs to compile ....

A good many of the software applications on our Links Page support our LCD Display.

What problems are you having getting the Java code to compile?


I had the same problem 26 errors when i compile the script you have on www.hobby-boards.com but I guess that it is becourse of me! Isn´t there any simple windows application that can controll 1-wire LCD display?
I spent a few hours trying to use the LCD panel. I was trying to get that java stuff working. No chance.

I am using Fedora Linux and owfs. The solution was not difficult but so easy.

Here is a bash script I hacked together to handle the hobby-boards lcd driver. So easy....

MSG[2]="Gerard Giblin"
MSG[3]="140 Some Place"

for i in 1 3 2 ; do
echo "|${MSG[$i]}|"
LINE=`expr substr "$LINE" 1 20`
echo $MESSAGE | sed 's/zx/ /g'
echo $MESSAGE | sed 's/zx/ /g' | sed 's/ z/ /g' > /mnt/1wire/29.B62F03000000/LCD_H/message
# end

There is probably better ways of programing this but this is what I did tonight.

It works. I have a 4 x 20 display. It prints line 1 then 3 then 2 then 4. This script handles it.